Dedicated to saving lives
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A service of the la county sheriff's department


The search and rescue teams of the LA County Sheriff department perform these types of operations:

‍Extrication and evacuation of victims from cars which have gone over-the-side of mountain roads.
Recovery and evacuation of fallen rock climbers
Search for lost hikers or skiers
Evacuation of injured hikers, climbers and hunters
Location of downed aircraft
Rescues from mines, tunnels or underground utility vaults
Urban disasters including collapsed buildings and rescues from damaged structures
Swiftwater rescue during times of flooding
Body recoveries

Coverage Area

Covering an area totaling approximately 4,084 square miles with a population of almost 10 million people.

There are 7 teams that cover Los Angeles county:

Altadena Mountain Rescue
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue
San Dimas Mountain Rescue
Malibu Search and Rescue
Montrose Search and Rescue
Santa Clarita Search and Rescue
Antelope Valley Search and Rescue
Avalon Search and Rescue


Technical Rescue

Training includes rescue rope systems, rappelling, climbing, snow and ice operations, swift water operations, helicopter operations, wildland fire operations

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Search Operations

Team members are responsible for search operations where they interface with other emergency service providers, and provide navigation and area intelligence.

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